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Gor·di·an knot

Gordian Knot Pronunciation: 'gor-dE-&n-
  • an intricate problem--usually used in the phrase, cut the gordian knot,
  • a mythical knot held to be capable of being untied only by the future ruler of Asia, and cut by Alexander the Great with his sword.

What does the Gordian Knot have to do with my business?

Like the Gordian Knot, your business is complex, interrelated, and difficult to change. You may feel like you face the same problems over and over and can't find the way to boldly slice through your knot (your problem) to make real progress.

The GordianKnot Consulting Group offers Consulting services that identify and cut through the Gordian knots in your business, and Implementation services that allow you to manage change successfully.

Why work with the GordianKnot Consulting Group?

Most companies lack the financial, human resources and time to do everything at once, and are forced to allocate resources between many competing demands.  This is particularly true when Company management is required to objectively evaluate and make strategic changes.  Consider the following questions:

  • Has the profitability of your Company improved with the recovery of the US economy?
  • Are your Company Sales efforts clearly focused on profitable growth segments?
  • Are your sales and operational priorities and incentives aligned?
  • Are you taking advantage of the global sourcing options available to improve profitability?


Value Proposition

When you retain GordianKnot, you will be working directly with the two Principals of GordianKnot, (hands-on, serial entrepreneurs with 50+ years combined experience creating value in small to mid sized companies), who understand the myriad problems that keep you up at night – the financial and customer demands, the people issues, and the day-in, day-out grind of the Operation.  They also bring to bear the analytical skills derived from advanced education – Masters in Business (MBA) degrees from Harvard Business School and undergraduate engineering degrees.

You will not be working with a newly minted MBA with a Checklist, nor will you be handed an Implementation “Plan” that makes no sense for your company. GordianKnot customers benefit from the application of our proven analytical skills, and our CEO level experience in implementing strategic and floor-level change through the people that need to buy into and support the changes – “your people”.

Please call us to discuss your specific needs, and to meet with us on a Confidential basis.

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