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Value Proposition

Most companies lack the financial and human resources to do everything at once, and are forced to allocate resources between many competing demands. Our job is to help you to make decisions that are viable, realistic, implementable, and fit with your business strategy.

Both GordianKnot founders are hands-on line managers with extensive background in Sales and Operations strategy, and practical experience in the implementation of supply chain solutions.  Both founders have engineering degrees and MBA degrees from Harvard Business School.

The key benefit to GordianKnot customers is the application of the extensive  knowledge (education and experience) and analytical abilities to the entire spectrum of the problem that is specific to your company.

We hope you’ll take the time to meet with us on a Confidential and No-charge basis to discuss your particular concerns and needs.

Strategic Decision Making

The process for strategic decision making is typically outside of the "day to day" operations of the Company.  In order to be effective, the process needs to take an overarching view of the entire business and objectively present alternatives that fit with the changing market realities and the capabilities (strengths and weaknesses) of the enterprise.  In many cases the Company executives neither have the time to step away from the "day to day" decision making, nor are they able to view the situation without the distortion of the historical evolution of the business getting in the way of an objective analysis.  What may become "Obvious" after the application of the basic analytical process is sometimes "Hidden in Plain View" because of the pressing near term issues.

As the GordianKnot Principals are hands-on line managers with extensive backgrounds in starting and operating companies, they can quickly evaluate the business issues and distill these issues into a format that is usable by the key decision makers.   This experience level also gives the Principals the ability to work will all levels of the organization to gather data on the Company situation.  This experience level sets them apart from other consulting organizations where 'newly minted' MBA consultants are assigned the data gathering tasks after the engagement is sold by a senior consultant.

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