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The Organization analysis focuses on how the Company is organized to supply goods and services to the Company customers.  This analysis starts with the production of a current organization chart and a short description of job responsibilities and how an individual contributes to the decision making process. 

In most Companies the organization has evolved over time to respond to company problems and opportunities.  Usually the current structure and deployment of personnel is a compromise that takes into account the individual managers history and their strengths and weaknesses.  An objective evaluation will often reveal the "hidden in plain site" revelation that the organization should be changed to reflect a more efficient way to run the company.

Organizational Chart

  • Operations
    • Direct Labor by Process/Shift – Supervisor down
      • Indirect Labor by Department - (Shipping/receiving; Material handling; Material Management/Purchasing; Planning; Maintenance)
      • Overhead -(Production Management; Process Engineering; Quality Assurance)
  • OPEX (SG&A)
    • Research and Development / Engineering
    • Outside Sales and Marketing
    • Inside Sales and Customer Service
    • G&A

Key Decision Maker Evaluation
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