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General Business Consulting

Initial Consultation:  Our typical process starts with a phone call, followed up by an initial meeting if appropriate.  During this "Initial Consultation", which will last from ½ to one day, we work with senior management to specify their major concerns with respect to meeting financial (i.e., growth, profitability), and customer expectations, and review key performance metrics (trends) related to these expectations.

We also review the key priorities and initiatives the company has undertaken in its major functional areas (i.e., Sales & marketing, Operations & supply chain, Technical, Organization), why they have been undertaken, and status of completion.  Finally, we seek to understand the Senior Management view on the organizational and resource constraints that prevent the Company from meeting these expectations.

If, at the end of this meeting, Management wishes to retain GordianKnot, we will prepare a Phase I consultation proposal detailing areas of further enquiry, analysis to be carried out, time required, and  deliverables.

Cost of Service: Reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses with no mark-up.

The process for General Business Consulting:  During a general business consulting engagement, GordianKnot carries out a detailed, “tops-down” analysis of the areas of concern identified in the initial consultation.  Depending on the issues of concern, the consulting phase could include a number of different analyses for the business unit including:

  • Financial analysis – Macro characterization:
  • Market segmentation analysis;
  • Customers and products/services segmentation (Pareto analysis);
  • Cost structure analysis;
  • Supply chain structure and cost;
  • Processes and Systems;
  • Organization Structure analysis

The proposal for the engagement will specifically detail the tasks involved, and the time expected for each task.  Gordian Knot will be very flexible in working with the client to prepare an engagement process that meets the specific needs of the customer.  In many cases this may involve one to three phases with review points at the end of a phase.  Depending on the complexity, the consulting phase is generally completed over a 2-4 week time frame. It consists of a series of interviews with key managers, follow-up discussions as needed and analysis using GordianKnot analytical tools. GordianKnot also provides to the client both summary data and the detailed data that supports the analyses. The consulting engagement deliverables consist of a review meeting with senior management to discuss the analysis and recommendations, a report detailing the results of the analysis, and recommendations that are practical, real world, and implementable.

Consulting Engagement Cost: The costs depend on the scope and duration of the work. Our professional fees range from $2,500 to $3,000 per day depending on the resource and nature of the work. We charge for out of pocket expenses at our cost and without any markups.

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