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Supply Chain Consulting

The approach for a Supply Chain consulting engagement is similar to general business consulting; however, the analysis is more narrowly focused on the structure and cost of the supply chain and products/services.  The engagement will include an analysis of the Business unit objectives, the make-buy structure, in-house and supplier cost structure, product mix, process flow, and systems. From this analysis, GordianKnot will identify specific changes to the supply chain that can significantly improve the operating and financial performance of the business unit.  These recommendations may include systems improvements, supplier changes or consolidations, material re-sourcing, or domestic or offshore outsourcing.

Inthe situation where outsourcing is applicable, GordianKnot will work with the Client to develop a customized Outsourcing Plan that provides realistic and attainable benefits and timelines for implementation, and matches the Client with pre-screened and qualified outsourcing partners with the required process capability, capacity, and systems.

As a result of this process, GordianKnot can assist the customer to mitigate or eliminate the most common outsourcing problems, including focus on solving the wrong problem, supply disruption, unrealized cost savings, and disillusionment with outsourcing partners due to unrealistic expectations.

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